ECG: Special Articles

Ahmet Kusoglu, Adam Z. Weber, Kirt A. Page, Christopher L. Soles, and James Runt."Water Transport and Sorption in Nafion Membrane."Polymers for Energy Storage and Delivery: Polyelectrolytes for Batteries and Fuel Cells 1096 (2012) 175 - 199. DOI
Adam Z. Weber, Timothy E. Lipman, and Robert A. Meyers."Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Production: Introduction."Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology (2018) 1 - 8. DOI
Ahmet Kusoglu, and Robert A. Meyers."Ionomer Thin Films in PEM Fuel Cells."Encyclopedia of Sustainability Science and Technology (2018) 1 - 23. DOI
Ahmet Kusoglu, and Adam Z. Weber."Electrochemical/Mechanical Coupling in Ion-Conducting Soft Matter."The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (2015) 4547 - 4552. DOI
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