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Ahluwalia, R. K, X. Wang, J-K Peng, V. Konduru, S. Arisetty, N. Ramaswamy, and S. Kumaraguru. "Achieving 5,000-h and 8,000-h Low-PGM Electrode Durability on Automotive Drive Cycles." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168.4 (2021) 044518.
Pant, Lalit M, Sarah Stewart, Nathan Craig, and Adam Z Weber. "Critical Parameter Identification of Fuel-Cell Models Using Sensitivity Analysis." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168.7 (2021) 074501.
Myers, Deborah J, A. Jeremy Kropf, Evan C Wegener, Hemma Mistry, Nancy Kariuki, and Jaehyung Park. "Degradation of Platinum-Cobalt Alloy PEMFC Cathode Catalysts in Catalyst-Ionomer Inks." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168.4 (2021) 044510.
Baker, Andrew M, S. Michael Stewart, Kannan P Ramaiyan, Dustin Banham, Siyu Ye, Fernando Garzon, Rangachary Mukundan, and Rodney L Borup. "Doped Ceria Nanoparticles with Reduced Solubility and Improved Peroxide Decomposition Activity for PEM Fuel Cells." Journal of the Electrochemical Society 168.2 (2021) 024507.
Babu, Siddharth Komini, Thomas O’Brien, Michael J Workman, Mahlon Wilson, Rangachary Mukundan, and Rodney L Borup. "Editors’ Choice—Diffusion Media for Cation Contaminant Transport Suppression into Fuel Cell Electrodes." Journal of the Electrochemical Society 168.2 (2021) 024501.
Babu, Siddharth Komini, Rangachary Mukundan, Chunmei Wang, David Langlois, David A Cullen, Dennis Papadias, Karren L More, Rajesh Ahluwalia, Jim Waldecker, and Rodney Borup. "Effect of Catalyst and Catalyst Layer Composition on Catalyst Support Durability." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168.4 (2021) 044502.
Wang, Xiaoping, Stacy DeCrane, Tammy Nowicki, Nancy N Kariuki, Sarah C Ball, and Deborah J Myers. "Effect of Particle Size on the Dissolution of Pt 3 Co/C and Pt/C PEMFC Electrocatalysts." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168.5 (2021) 054516.
Garg, Samay, Julie Fornaciari, Adam Weber, and Nemanja Danilovic. "fuelcell: A Python package and graphical user interface for electrochemical data analysis." Journal of Open Source Software 6.59 (2021) 2940.
Lei, Chao, Fan Yang, Natalia Macauley, Magali Spinetta, Gerie Purdy, Jasna Jankovic, David A Cullen, Karren L More, Yu Seung Kim, and Hui Xu. "Impact of Catalyst Ink Dispersing Solvent on PEM Fuel Cell Performance and Durability." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168.4 (2021) 044517.
Chowdhury, Anamika, Ashley Bird, Jiangjin Liu, Iryna V Zenyuk, Ahmet Kusoglu, Clayton J Radke, and Adam Z Weber. "Linking Perfluorosulfonic Acid Ionomer Chemistry and High-Current Density Performance in Fuel-Cell Electrode." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13.36 (2021) 42579 - 42589.
Petrovick, John G, Grace C Anderson, Douglas I Kushner, Nemanja Danilovic, and Adam Z Weber. "Method—Using Microelectrodes to Explore Solid Polymer Electrolytes." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168.5 (2021) 056517.
Berlinger, Sarah A, Samay Garg, and Adam Z Weber. "Multicomponent, multiphase interactions in fuel-cell inks." Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 29 (2021) 100744.
Cullen, David A, K. C Neyerlin, Rajesh K Ahluwalia, Rangachary Mukundan, Karren L More, Rodney L Borup, Adam Z Weber, Deborah J Myers, and Ahmet Kusoglu. "New roads and challenges for fuel cells in heavy-duty transportation." Nature Energy 6.5 (2021) 462 - 474.
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Wang, Chenyu, and Jacob S Spendelow. "Recent developments in Pt–Co catalysts for proton-exchange membrane fuel cells." Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 28 (2021) 100715.
Van Cleve, Tim, Guanxiong Wang, Mason Mooney, C. Firat Cetinbas, Nancy Kariuki, Jaehyung Park, Ahmed Farghaly, Deborah J Myers, and K.C. Neyerlin. "Tailoring electrode microstructure via ink content to enable improved rated power performance for platinum cobalt/high surface area carbon based polymer electrolyte fuel cells." Journal of Power Sources 482 (2021) 228889.
Katzenberg, Adlai, Debdyuti Mukherjee, Peter J Dudenas, Yoshiyuki Okamoto, Ahmet Kusoglu, and Miguel A Modestino. "Dynamic Emergence of Nanostructure and Transport Properties in Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid Ionomers." Macromolecules 53.19 (2020) 8519 - 8528.
Dudenas, Peter J, Adam Z Weber, and Ahmet Kusoglu. "Electric-field-intensity-modulated scattering as a thin-film depth probe." Journal of Applied Crystallography 53.6 (2020) 1484 - 1492.
Katzenberg, Adlai, Anamika Chowdhury, Minfeng Fang, Adam Z Weber, Yoshiyuki Okamoto, Ahmet Kusoglu, and Miguel A Modestino. "Highly Permeable Perfluorinated Sulfonic Acid Ionomers for Improved Electrochemical Devices: Insights into Structure–Property Relationships." Journal of the American Chemical Society 142.8 (2020) 3742 - 3752.
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Ehlinger, Victoria M, Andrew R Crothers, Ahmet Kusoglu, and Adam Z Weber. "Modeling proton-exchange-membrane fuel cell performance/degradation tradeoffs with chemical scavengers." Journal of Physics: Energy 2.4 (2020) 044006.
Li, Yawei, Tim Van Cleve, Rui Sun, Ramchandra Gawas, Guanxiong Wang, Maureen Tang, Yossef A Elabd, Joshua Snyder, and K. C Neyerlin. "Modifying the Electrocatalyst–Ionomer Interface via Sulfonated Poly(ionic liquid) Block Copolymers to Enable High-Performance Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells." ACS Energy Letters 5.6 (2020) 1726 - 1731.
Baker, Andrew M, Andrew R Crothers, Kavitha Chintam, Xiaoyan Luo, Adam Z Weber, Rodney L Borup, and Ahmet Kusoglu. "Morphology and Transport of Multivalent Cation-Exchanged Ionomer Membranes Using Perfluorosulfonic Acid–Ce Z+as a Model System." ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2.8 (2020) 3642 - 3656.