Funding Opportunities


FY21 M2FCT Discretionary Funding Award Opportunity Instructions


  • 06/09/21:       Call release date
  • 06/21/21:       Letter of intent to submit a proposal
  • 07/09/21:       Deadline for proposal submission by email by 5 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time
    • (e-mail restricted to 20 MB for the entire email with all attachments)
  • August 2021:  Selection and announcement of awards
  • October 2021: Start of award


Through this request for proposals (RFP) being issued by the Million Mile Fuel Cell Truck
(M2FCT) consortium
, we seek to accelerate and improve the performance and lifetime of
hydrogen fuel-cell systems for heavy-duty applications by funding capabilities and concepts
that are synergistic with and additive to the M2FCT consortium. This RFP also seeks to
increase academic and national laboratory involvement with M2FCT researchers and bring
them into the consortium as PIs.


The full proposal and any technical inquiries or communications should be directed by email
to [email protected]

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Questions and Answers

Q: How long should the LOI be?

A: The LOI is set to be only 1 page since it contains only the requested basic information as per the RFP

Q: As I read the RFP, we don’t need to provide a paragraph on what we are proposing, is that correct? We only need to provide the title, topic area(s), PI’s, partners, and projected overall budget (we do not need to break the budget down by partners)

A: Yes, that is all correct for the LOI

Q: Is there any budget limitation for the proposal?

A: As per the RFP, the budget is set to be "For academic-led projects, the budget should be in the range of $50k to $100k per year for 2 years, and National Laboratory led projects should be in the range of $100k to $200k per year for 2 years."

Q: Available designs and data (SEM, TEM, EDX, microCT, nanoCT etc.) at M2FCT could provide very valuable data input for our project. Any suggestions and comments on where we can get data and whom should we talk with to prepare the proposal?

A: The capabilities and the M2FCT AMR are good resources and you can address which capacibilities would benefit your project if awarded. M2FCT PIs are not allowed to have direct engagement with any proposers to avoid COIs.

Q: Is there a page limit on budget and timeline?

A: There is no page limit but it is expected to contain the SF424 form for the budget and should really not be more than an additional page for the rest

Q: We need instructions on what should be included in “Appropriateness of and need for government funding”. Is this equivalent to a brief budget justification?

A: This statement is not just a budget just as it also entails why the proposal should be funded, how it fits within the scope of M2FCT and DOE missions, and if there is any other existing funding of similar efforts.

Q: Is it correct that cost share/match is not required?

A: Yes, cost share is appreciated but not required

Q: Our understanding is we can submit proposals regardless of whether the LOI is submitted or invited, is it correct?

A: There will not be a downselect of proposals to be submitted based on the LOIs received

Q: I am one of PIs for M2FCT, can I be a co-PI on a proposal?

A: As long as you are not a PI at one of the five primary labs (ORNL, NREL, ANL, LANL, LBNL) then you can be a co-PI on a proposal

Q: Is it okay if the expected application is led by an academic institution, but some of the activity involves a non-academic contractor? 

A: Yes, this is allowed as long as the academic institution is greater than 50% of the budget and leads the effort.

Q: Could we write a proposal to this M2FCT discretionary call for continuing a current collaboration with some new ideas? 

A: Yes, this is allowed as long as there is a distinct workscope that is different than anything that is currently funded

Q: The eligibility clause suggests that the following case would be acceptable: PI from University A submits a proposal but is also a co-PI on a proposal led by the University B PI.

A: That is correct. There is a limit of one proposal per PI but a PI can be co-PI on multiple other proposals

Q: Can a foreign entity be eligible for funding in any role?

A: As per the eligibility, funding is open to US-based institutions only and so no foreign entities are allowed in any role. However foreign personnel at a US-based institution are eligible.

Q: What are the letter of intent guidelines?

A: A single PDF file should be submitted to [email protected] by 5 PM PDT on June 21, 2021. The PDF should contain the Project title, PIs and co-PIs, the overall proposed budget, and the area of interest responding to (proposals may respond to more than one area of interest).

The letter of intent is non-binding and solely for determining what proposals will be submitted. It will neither be reviewed nor will any feedback be given.

Q: If I have a question or would like to get feedback, can I discuss my idea with existing M2FCT personnel? 

A: Due to conflict of interest, any M2FCT PIs are not allowed to discuss the RFP or any proposal concepts and any questions should be sent to [email protected]

Q: I am interested in submitting a proposal for M2FCT. We are developing new catalysts at atomic scale for hydrogen evolution reaction, CO2 conversion and others. I am curious if there is a possibility to be a part of M2FCT consortium. 

A: Catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction that enable one to meet the durability and performance targets for million-mile fuel cell trucks when integrated into an MEA are within the scope

Q: What are the required budget forms?

A: Please use the standard SF-424 form

Q: Is the Budget & Timeline included in the 4 page limit or no?

A: No, the budget and timeline are not part of the 4 page limit, nor is the cover page

Q: Should the resume of PI be attached at the end of the proposal?

A: The resume and/or CV can be attached but this is not required, although one does need to describe the key personnel as mentioned in the RFP under budget and timeline

Q: I did not submit a letter of intent. Can I still submit to M2FCT call?

A: Although preferred and expected, the LOIs are not binding, as mentioned in the RFP. Thus, it is allowed to still submit a proposal although we would appreciate your LOI as soon as possible.