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Conde, Julio J, M. Antonia Folgado, P. Ferreira-Aparicio, Antonio M Chaparro, Anamika Chowdhury, Ahmet Kusoglu, David Cullen, and Adam Z Weber. "Mass-transport properties of electrosprayed Pt/C catalyst layers for polymer-electrolyte fuel cells." Journal of Power Sources 427 (2019) 250 - 259.
Kusoglu, Ahmet, and Adam Z Weber. "A Mechanistic Model for Pinhole Growth in Fuel-Cell Membranes during Cyclic Loads." Journal of the Electrochemical Society 161.8 (2014) E3311 - E3322.
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Petrovick, John G, Grace C Anderson, Douglas I Kushner, Nemanja Danilovic, and Adam Z Weber. "Method—Using Microelectrodes to Explore Solid Polymer Electrolytes." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168.5 (2021) 056517.
Cetinbas, Firat C, Xiaohua Wang, Rajesh K Ahluwalia, Nancy N Kariuki, Robert P Winarski, Zhiwei Yang, Jonathan Sharman, and Deborah J Myers. "Microstructural Analysis and Transport Resistances of Low-Platinum-Loaded PEFC Electrodes." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 164.14 (2017) F1596 - F1607.
Ehlinger, Victoria M, Ahmet Kusoglu, and Adam Z Weber. "Modeling Coupled Durability and Performance in Polymer-Electrolyte Fuel Cells: Membrane Effects." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 166.7 (2019) F3255 - F3267.
Ehlinger, Victoria M, Andrew R Crothers, Ahmet Kusoglu, and Adam Z Weber. "Modeling proton-exchange-membrane fuel cell performance/degradation tradeoffs with chemical scavengers." Journal of Physics: Energy 2.4 (2020) 044006.
Li, Yawei, Tim Van Cleve, Rui Sun, Ramchandra Gawas, Guanxiong Wang, Maureen Tang, Yossef A Elabd, Joshua Snyder, and K. C Neyerlin. "Modifying the Electrocatalyst–Ionomer Interface via Sulfonated Poly(ionic liquid) Block Copolymers to Enable High-Performance Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells." ACS Energy Letters 5.6 (2020) 1726 - 1731.
Baker, Andrew M, Andrew R Crothers, Kavitha Chintam, Xiaoyan Luo, Adam Z Weber, Rodney L Borup, and Ahmet Kusoglu. "Morphology and Transport of Multivalent Cation-Exchanged Ionomer Membranes Using Perfluorosulfonic Acid–Ce Z+as a Model System." ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2.8 (2020) 3642 - 3656.
Allen, Frances I, Luis R Comolli, Ahmet Kusoglu, Miguel A Modestino, Andrew M Minor, and Adam Z Weber. "Morphology of Hydrated As-Cast Nafion Revealed through Cryo Electron Tomography." ACS Macro Letters 4.1 (2015) 1 - 5.
Berlinger, Sarah A, Samay Garg, and Adam Z Weber. "Multicomponent, multiphase interactions in fuel-cell inks." Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 29 (2021) 100744.